mU14 2022/23

Hinten von links: Samson Schulze Steinen Finn Dechert, Riad Rovacanin, Conner Hassenpflug, Trainer Sean Molvig Vorne von links: Joshua Obanor Lucius Roßbach Illias Ekonomakos Jonathan Pons Josha Bastian Marcel Morell Bennett Gomerski

The mU14 is a young talented team that had a lot of success at the mU12 level. We are a very young team for mU14, but the potential to be a very good team next year is there. For this season we are looking to be competitive in the league. Of course we want to win every game but we need to gain experience at the mU14 level. We also must learn how hard and tough you have to be to win games consistently.